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I am a full-stack web developer based in Washington, DC. I have an entrepreneurial drive and a passion for innovative technology. I'm focused on learning and utilizing the latest technologies along with proven coding methodologies to create sophisticated and elegant applications and solutions.



Cryptfolio is a full-stack web application that allows users to monitor real-time pricing data for a number of the most popular cryptocurrencies, and track their own positions in those currencies. The app utilizes a Ruby on Rails API back-end and React front-end. Real-time pricing data is fetched from an external source and proxied through the Rails API. Deployed to Firebase (front-end) and Heroku (back-end).

JWT PostgreSQL React Ruby on Rails


Photos-on-Rails is a full-featured photo sharing application inspired by Flickr. The app uses a Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL back-end, with user-uploaded photos stored to Amazon S3. Users have the ability to create accounts, and once logged in, can upload photos, favorite photos from other users, and comment on photos. Deployed to Heroku.

Amazon S3 PostgreSQL Ruby on Rails


iPaws is a proof-of-concept application for an international pet adoption organization. A collaborative effort, iPaws was built by a team utilizing the full MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js). The app allows users to browse dogs that are up for adoption, make inquiries about any particular dog, and add new dogs to the database. Deployed to Google Cloud Platform (front-end) and Heroku (back-end)

Express MongoDB Node.js React

Irish Fire Logs

The Irish Fire Logs website is an e-commerce site built for the Irish Fire Logs brand. This site was originally built using HTML/CSS, PHP and the Bootstrap 3 framework. The e-commerce back-end utilized BigCommerce for shopping cart functionality, and the Stripe API for payment processing.

Bootstrap HTML/CSS JavaScript PHP


JS-Simon is a web-based version of the classic electronic game of memory skill, Simon. JS-Simon was created using HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript. Playback of the solution speeds up over time, increasing the difficulty as the user progresses. The game utilizes a NoSQL cloud database hosted on Google's Firebase platform to store high scores. Deployed to Amazon S3/CloudFront.

HTML/CSS JavaScript Firebase


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